Project Description
This project materializes all point of attentions that you have to consider when you want to monetize a large web application: 

  • what should be avoided in Prod environment ?
  • what works ?
  • what you should not forget ?

To do so, we rely heavily on Microsoft tools and related coding Best Practices.

- Go well beyond official documentation and "Proof of concepts". We focus on “what works” and most importantly stresses out what DOES NOT WORK !

- Talk about money !! well at least, present you the Operational / Production environments and its constraints (including delivery tools and A/B deployments).

- This Web application is to be deployed on Windows Azure Cloud, and particularly things to think about on the

This not to illustrate the DevOps , but to apply it based on Microsoft technologies.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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