Download the code. It is compatible with Visual Studio 2012.

This project aims:

  1. to go beyond official documentation and demo and capitalize knowledge,
  2. to work on a concentrated amount of "Best Practices" based on Microsoft best practices, but not limited to Microsoft.
  3. to provide a "pattern" on how to implement a production-ready application, by focusing on DevOps concepts, and things we usually forget when only considering detailed specifications and development et testing, such as :
    1. how to order a DNS and SSL certificate ?
    2. how to raise a ticket and escalate to the support team ? .... by the way do I need a tool in production for this ? on what budget ? what type of SLA (Service Level Agreement) ?
    3. how do I deploy only partially to a subset of customer without affecting the others (called A/B Deployment or canary deployment)
    4. how to monitor and monetize my application ??
    5. ... just to scare you, there's an awful lot of other questions to address
  4. To cover all the lifecycle aspect of a project, based on DevOpsMicrosoft dot Net Lab


What works, what other tools and standard tools, ...

<To be re-ordered>

  1. Resharper (about €314)
  2. GhostDoc [Free - from Submain]

QUALITY (only ! and sometime anti-productivity !)

  1. FxCop/Code Analysis  [Free] 
  2. StyleCop/Source Analysis  [Free] 


  1. NDepend
  2. Doxygen [Free],


  1. BDD: SpecFlow (Cucumber family, SpecFlow uses the official Gherkin parser)



  1. SoapUI to test your WCF Web Services  [Free] 
  2.  Fiddler Http Debugging Proxy  [Free] 
    and its Microsoft addon to decode Binary messages : WCF Binary messages inspector  [Free] 



  1. To start with in an Agile manner: Innovation Games(R) to collect info in a fun, interractive and efficient way (timebox)
  2. Still Agile: Backlog grooming and use Microsoft Team Foundation Server / Service to centralize ALL information of the the projet
  3. Modeling: either use UML in Visual Studio or any other modeling tools, such as a popular one Enterprise Architect (to buy and get training it in France)


... To be continued...

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